I decided to venture out today and find some peace. Get away from FB and the TV.

It’s finally raining!!!! So of course, I’m out checking the river by my house. It’s been a mere creek for some time, but today it’s running.
It has banks.

Taking some time to watch a river flow got me thinking.

The ability to flow …

What does that mean? Lately, the news has been all about rights and privilege.

Is it?

My rights should not interfere with yours … should they? I think not.
I can disagree, oppose, can even loathe a view, position or policy but can I use my right to speak to silence your’s? Can I stop your ability to speak? Should I?

Seems the larger “gang” get’s to muscle out the smaller “gang”.
The more agressive obstructs the passive.
The more popular …

Democracy is not about being “in charge”, having the most votes or ruling from a position of majority. It’s about making sure the underdog get’s a chance. Giving voice to the minority.

Let’s not swallow up the minority …


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