COVID and coffee

It’s been tough. For some, it’s been horrific. I have first world issues so I’m not about to talk about how difficult it is for me … it’s not. I’m working, I have resources … fear is not part of my daily experience.

I’ve been following other photographers from around the globe. Some are actively covering the virus while others are waiting for their areas to open so they can shoot again. The entire event industry, weddings, concerts, conventions … they are shut in and going broke. I do believe that within the next 60 days photographers will be back at it again. Sure it will be different but they will be shooting for money (I hope).

I hadn’t been to Brew & Stew since November of last year. I just popped in and had all these intentions of going back – the decor was something I couldn’t wait to photograph. Instead, I scoured the back alleys of old town Lorain. It was and has been under construction for some time. Brew & Stew would have to wait until next time. But next time was to be a long ways off.

Lorain’s old town is still under construction but the streets are open and the traffic on Broadway goes both ways. After dropping off my son to film one of his projects, I remembered the quaint coffee shop with the killer interiors. I knew that it wouldn’t be accessible to my lens but knew from stalking them on IG they were doing curbside. The original location was shut up because Mary’s landlord decided now would be a great time to increase her rent. Running two businesses during the virus is not sensible. “Two locations with one income isn’t going to cut it” she said. Being a small business owner myself, I understand that math completely.

I found the shop at 939 Broadway. The home of Broadway Mary’s. The layout has changed, what hasn’t, but the retro vibe is alive and well. A cross between thrift/antique store and boho fashion outlet, the store is littered with memorability and stylish adornments. Every piece has a purpose and nothing is out of place or by chance.

Mary served me a decaffeinated Rising Star thru her espresso machine. Probably one, if not, the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. No really, if you must do decaf, it’s worth the trip to satisfy that urge.

We can’t solve the worlds problems by drinking coffee or eating coffee cake but we can help solve our local vendors problems by visiting their shops. I hope that after we’ve opened these small businesses, I will remember to stop saving my loose cash and visit them frequently. How about you?

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